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Welcome to the SSC Vocabulary Series – Day 9!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all good and like the previous blog “SSC Vocabulary Day 8: Understanding our election commission”. We’re making our SSC study material more exciting by including examples and pictures . Today, we are highlighting the 10 personalities related to India and You can also share your ideas that can help us to make this even more interesting. All these words are asked in SSC exams.

  • First we remember the vocab through Images with related examples
  • Flash card – to improve the memory power
  • Quiz
  • Memory Game
  • Write on the Paper
  1. Queasy (Adj) (व्याकुल)
  • Meaning: Feeling nauseous or uneasy
  • Synonyms: Sick, Squeamish, Anxious
Queasy (Adj) (व्याकुल)

2. Poise (Noun/Verb) (संतुलित करना)

  • Meaning: Graceful and elegant composure or balance
  • Synonyms: Balance, Aplomb, Equanimity
Poise (Noun/Verb) (संतुलन, संतुलित करना)

3. Concoct (Verb) (मनगढंत)

  • Meaning: To create or devise something, especially a story or plan
  • Synonyms: Prepare, Construct, Devise
Concoct (Verb) (मनगढंत)

4. Proselytize (Verb) ( धर्मान्तरित करना)

  • Meaning: To convert or attempt to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another
  • Synonyms: Convert, Evangelize, Advocate
Proselytize (Verb) ( धर्मान्तरित करना)

5. Parlance (Noun) (बोली)

  • Meaning: A particular way of speaking or using words, especially a formal or technical one
  • Synonyms: Lingo, Vernacular, Colloquial
Parlance (Noun) (बोली)

6. Bounder (Noun) (दुष्ट)

  • Meaning: A dishonorable or unscrupulous man
  • Synonyms: Rascal, Bastard, Dastardly
Bounder (Noun) (दुष्ट)

7. Gumption (Noun) (सहज बुद्धि)

  • Meaning: Shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness
  • Synonyms: Acumen, Discretion, Common Sense
Gumption (Noun) (सहज बुद्धि)

8. Perfidious (Adj) (विश्वासघाती)

  • Meaning: Deceitful and untrustworthy
  • Synonyms: Disloyal, Deceitful, Untrustworthy
Perfidious (Adj) (विश्वासघाती)

9. Apparition (Noun) (प्रेतात्मा)

  • Meaning: A ghost or ghostlike image of a person
  • Synonyms: Ghost, Spirit, Haunt
Apparition (Noun) (प्रेतात्मा)

10. Ordain (Verb) (नियुक्त करना, आदेश देना)

  • Meaning: To officially appoint or order
  • Synonyms: Appoint, Decree, Consecrate
Sukumar Sen the first Election Commissioner of India

Vocab Day 9

1 / 10

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was __________ as chairman of the Drafting Committee. 

2 / 10

Apparition (Aurangzeb)

  • Aurangzeb’s love for music was like an __________. 

3 / 10

Perfidious (Mir Jafar)

  • Mir Jafar’s __________ actions are well-documented. 

4 / 10

Gumption (Ramanujan)

  • Ramanujan’s __________ led to mathematical discoveries.  

5 / 10


  • Gandhi stood against the __________ English officials. 

6 / 10

Parlance (C.V. Raman)

  • C.V. Raman made scientific concepts accessible in common __________. 

7 / 10

Proselytize (Swami Vivekananda)

  • Swami Vivekananda __________ Indian philosophy globally. a)  b)  c)  d)

8 / 10

Concoct (M. Visvesvaraya)

  • M. Visvesvaraya __________ solutions for agriculture.

9 / 10

Poise (Homi Bhabha)

  • Homi Bhabha’s __________ established India’s nuclear program.

10 / 10

Queasy (Raja Ram Mohan Roy) Feeling __________ when advocating for social reforms.

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In this Memory Game you have to remember picture used for the vocab.


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