Welcome to the SSC Vocabulary Series – Day 7!

Hello everyone I hope you are all good and like the previous blog Day 6 of vocab series. As you know that we are adding examples and pictures to our SSC GK study material to make it better and more interesting . Today, we are highlighting the 10 pioneering events of India. All these words are asked in SSC exams.

  • First we remember the vocab through Images with related examples
  • Flash card – to improve the memory power
  • Quiz
  • Memory Game
  • Write on the Paper
  1. Revel (Noun/Verb)- आनंद लेना
  • Short Meaning: To take great pleasure or delight
  • Synonyms: Celebrate, Enjoy, Delight

2. Revile (Verb) – गाली देना

  • Short Meaning: To criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner
  • Synonyms: Insult, Abuse, Vilify

3. Contraband (Noun)- तस्करी का माल

  • Short Meaning: Goods that have been imported or exported illegally
  • Synonyms: Smuggled, Illegal, Prohibited

4. Cupidity (Noun)-लालच

  • Short Meaning: Greed for money or possessions
  • Synonyms: Greed, Avarice, Covetousness

5. Sycophant (Adjective)-चापलूस

  • Short Meaning: A person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage
  • Synonyms: Flatterer, Yes-man, Bootlicker

6.Precarious (Adjective)-अनिश्चित

  • Short Meaning: dangerously likely to fall or collapse
  • Synonyms: Unstable, Risky, Hazardous

7. Profligate (Adjective)-अपव्ययी

  • Short Meaning: Recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources
  • Synonyms: Wasteful, Extravagant, Spendthrift

8. Evince (Verb)- प्रकट करना

  • Short Meaning: To reveal the presence of (a quality or feeling)
  • Synonyms: Show, Reveal, Display

9. Furore (Noun)-हंगामा

  • Short Meaning: An outbreak of public anger or excitement
  • Synonyms: Uproar, Outcry, Commotion

10. Spruce (Verb)-सजाना

  • Short Meaning: Make a person or place smarter or tidier
  • Synonyms: Neaten, Tidy, Groom


1 / 10

To “spruce” up means to:

2 / 10

“Furore” is best defined as:

3 / 10

To “evince” means to:

4 / 10

“Profligate” is used to describe someone who is:

5 / 10

Which word describes a situation that is dangerously likely to fall or collapse?

6 / 10

A “sycophant” is someone who:

7 / 10

“Cupidity” is best defined as:

8 / 10

What does “contraband” refer to?

9 / 10

Which word is used to describe the act of criticizing someone in an abusive or angrily insulting manner?

10 / 10

1. What does the word “revel” mean?

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In this Memory Game you have to remember picture used for the vocab.


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