Phrasal Verb Series For You Day 1 Start Now!!

Welcome to the SSC Phrasal Verb Series – Day 01 !

How will we do this?

  • First we read a story .
  • We remember the Phrasal verb through Images with related examples as mentioned in the story.
  • Flash card – To improve the memory power.
  • Quiz
  • Memory Game
  • Cloze Test
  • Crossword
  • Write on the Paper

In a Peaceful woods, Arun called out to the sky, expressing his joy and gratitude. His journey called for a big celebration, so everyone in the village called forth their happiest songs and dances. Before leaving, Arun called after the place, naming a beautiful spot after their kindness.

In the end, he was called upon to tell his story at a gathering, sharing all the lessons about love and community he had learned. This quest taught Arun that life’s truth is found in spreading kindness and connecting with others.

  1. Call Off : (रद्द करना)
  • Meaning: Cancel
  • Synonyms: Cancel Out, Put Off, Break Off

2. Call In: सहायता के लिए बुलाना

  • Meaning: Summon for help
  • Synonyms: Request aid, Seek help, Ask for support

3.Call Up: टेलीफोन पर बुलाना / याद करना / सेना में भर्ती होने के लिए आदेश देना

  • Meaning: Call on the phone / Recollect / Summon for military service
  • Synonyms: Phone in, Recall, Mobilize

4. Call At: किसी स्थान पर जाना

  • Meaning: Visit a place
  • Synonyms: Drop by, Stop by, Visit

5. Call On : थोड़ी देर के लिए मिलना

  • Meaning: : Visit someone briefly
  • Synonyms: Call Round , Call Around, Pop in

6. Call Upon: किसी को औपचारिक रूप से बुलाना

  • Meaning: Formally request someone to do something
  • Synonyms: Summon, Invite, Ask to appear

7. Call By: जाते-जाते थोड़ी देर के लिए मिलना

  • Meaning: Visit someone briefly on your way somewhere
  • Synonyms: Stop by, Drop in, Pop in

8. Call Out: तेज आवाज में बोलना

  • Meaning: Speak loudly
  • Synonyms: Shout, Yell, Exclaim

9. Call For: की मांग करना या की आवश्यकता होना

  • Meaning: Demand something , Require something
  • Synonyms: Demand, Require, Necessitate

10. Call Forth: किसी घटना या प्रभाव को प्रेरित करना

  • Meaning: Cause something to happen
  • Synonyms: Evoke, Prompt, invoke

11. Call After: किसी पूर्वज या सम्मानित व्यक्ति के नाम पर नामांकन करना

  • Meaning: Name a child after someone
  • Synonyms: christen, Name after

12. Call In On: थोड़ी देर के लिए मिलना

  • Meaning: Visit someone briefly
  • Synonyms: Drop by, Stop in

Phrasal Verb Day 1

1 / 12

What does “call in on” mean in the context where Arun visits his friend?

2 / 12

What does “call by” mean as Arun does while traveling?

3 / 12

What does “call after” mean in the story when a place is named?

4 / 12

What does “call forth” mean when the villagers react to Arun’s joy?

5 / 12

What does “call for” imply in the story when Arun’s journey is described?

6 / 12

What does “call out” imply when Arun does it to the sky?

7 / 12

What does “call out” imply when Arun does it to the sky?

8 / 12

When the villagers “call on” Arun, what are they doing?

9 / 12

In the story, Arun “calls upon” his courage. What does “call upon” mean?

10 / 12

What does “call up” refer to in the context provided?

11 / 12

What does “call off” mean in the context of Arun’s story?

12 / 12

What does “call in” mean as used in the story?

Your score is

The average score is 91%


In this Memory Game you have to remember picture used for the vocab.

We will not use options here for better understanding of phrasal verb

Try to write down all phrasal verb on the paper !!!!!


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