SSC BEST VOCAB SERIES For You Day13 Start Now!!

Welcome to the SSC Best Vocab Series – Day 13 !

  • First we remember the vocab through Images with related examples
  • Flash card – to improve the memory power
  • Quiz
  • Memory Game
  • Write on the Paper
  1. Incarceration (Noun) (कैद, बांधना)
  • Meaning: the act of putting someone in prison
  • Synonyms: Imprisonment, Captivity, Immurement

2. Exorcise (Verb) (भगाना, निकालना)

  • Meaning: To remove or expel (something undesirable).
  • Synonyms: Expel, Banish, Purge

3. Squalid (Adj) (घिनौना, अनैतिकिपूर्ण)

  • Meaning: Dirty and unpleasant
  • Synonyms: Dirty, Filthy, Miserable

4. Maverick (Adj/Noun) (अनुशासित व्यक्ति” या “स्वतंत्र आत्मा वाला व्यक्ति”)

  • Meaning: A person who is unconventional or independent-minded.
  • Synonyms: Unorthodox, Non-Conformist, Individualist

5. Wax (Noun/Verb) (बढ़ोतरी या वृद्धि होना)

  • Meaning: To increase or grow gradually.
  • Synonyms: Augment, Grow, Enlarge

6. Desiderate (Verb) (कमी महसूस करना)

  • Meaning:To feel a lack or need for something.
  • Synonyms: Ache, Crave, Hanker

7. Jaded (Adj) (थका हुआ, मुरझाया हुआ)

  • Meaning: Bored or lacking enthusiasm
  • Synonyms: Fatigued, Bored, Wearied

8. Flummoxed (Adj) (भ्रमित)

  • Meaning: Confused or bewildered.
  • Synonyms: Perplexed, Confused, Puzzled

9.Clamour (Verb/Noun) (कोलाहल, ज़ोरदार माँग करना)

  • Meaning: A loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting.
  • Synonyms: Uproar, Yell, Scream

10. Recondite (Adj) (गूढ़, ज्ञानयुक्त)

  • Meaning: Little known; abstruse.
  • Synonyms: Abstruse, Esoteric, Profound


1 / 9

What did the French desiderate after the Battle of Wandiwash?

2 / 9

Which word best describes the action taken against colonial rule as a result of the First War of Indian Independence? 

3 / 9

What does the term ‘Incarceration’ refer to in the context of the Battle of Plassey? 

4 / 9

How was the battlefield described after the Battle of Plassey? 

5 / 9

What waxed after the Siege of Seringapatam?

6 / 9

How were the reasons behind the Battle of Plassey described?

7 / 9

What was the reaction to the defeat that led to change in Maratha leadership? 

8 / 9

How did the Marathas feel after the defeat at Panipat? 

9 / 9

How did Emperor Ashoka feel after the Battle of Kalinga? 

Your score is

The average score is 100%


In this Memory Game you have to remember picture used for the vocab.

Try to write down all vocabs on the paper !!!!!


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